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Community Impact

Advancing the Common Good

Since 1931, with the original Community Chest and inception of the organization, United Way of Central West Virginia has supported health and social service programs that have helped thousands of individuals lead healthier and more productive lives. The United Way Board of Directors supports the assessment of health and social services needs in Boone, Clay, Kanawha, Logan and Putnam counties.

Click here to download the 2016 Community Needs Accessment

United Way of Central West Virginia is a volunteer-led, volunteer-driven organization representing Boone, Clay, Logan, Kanawha and Putnam counties. From the board of directors to fundraising volunteers to others who lend a hand each year, all ensure United Way continues to make an impact on the issues that matter most. By encouraging all people in Central West Virginia to give, advocate or volunteer, United Way strives to demonstrate the power of “LIVING UNITED.”

Community Impact Funding: Focus Based On Community Needs Assessment

The UWCWV Board of Directors established set funding amounts and desired outcomes in each of the four impact areas:  Health, Education, Financial Stability and Safety Net.  Nonprofit organizations that provide these services can apply for Community Impact funding through the United Way of Central WV.  The 2018 Investment Priorities are indicated by assigning a percentage of funding that will go toward each impact area.  This funding will be awarded to qualifying nonprofit organizations in 2018. Learn how to apply for funding.


Helping individuals achieve their potential
(20% of funding)

  • Quality Childhood Education
    and School Readiness
  • Academic Success K-12
  • Parent/Caregiver Development

Improving people’s health
(30% of funding)

  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Affordable Mental Health Counseling
  • Health and Wellness

Promoting financial stability and independence
(20% of funding)

  • Transportation
  • Employment Readiness
  • Financial Literacy

Meeting basic needs
(30% of funding)

  • Domestic Violence and
    Child Abuse Services
  • Shelter Services
  • Access to Food
  • Aging in Place for Seniors
  • Disaster Relief
  • Rent and Utility Assistance

Every year thousands of local people are served by United Way supported programs. Advancing the common good is less about helping one person at a time and more about changing systems to help all of us. We are all connected and interdependent.

That's why United Way's work is focused on the impact areas for a good life:


Helping Children and Youth Achieve Their Potential

Your contribution works to ensure children and youth achieve their potential through enrichment programs, mentoring, leadership development, career exploration, and other activities designed to help them become productive members of our community.


Improving People's Health

Your contribution helps provide programs that address the needs for mental health services to adults and youth, substance abuse prevention and support services, dental and health care for the uninsured, counseling and education for victims of sexual and domestic violence, as well as those facing end-of-life issues.

Financial Stability

Promoting Financial Stability and Independence

Poverty is a small word that weighs heavily on the shoulders of many individuals who make the impossible choice between paying rent and putting food on the table and are especially at risk of homelessness. Individuals and families require food and shelter for the opportunity to live healthy, satisfying and productive lives. United Way works to move hardworking people out of poverty permanently by equipping them with the knowledge of how to keep more of what they earn, and providing the tools and training needed to get and keep better jobs and begin building assets.

Safety Net

Providing a safe environment for people and families

Your contribution helps fund much needed resources for people in situations where they need shelter and safety. We help domestic abuse victims find a safe haven, providing advice and support. Victims of such crime and abuse are given access to food and we also help to get them back on their feet. Many of us find ourselves in situations that we never knew could happen to us. We help people reach their potential and become self-sufficient again.

We also help those in need due to a disaster, whether people have lost their homes through devastating floods, hurricanes and storms. We assist victims of all disasters. Seniors are cared for through our partner agencies and we provide rent and utility assistance too.

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